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Producteev Gets a Massive Upgrade: Android App, Windows Desktop App, and an All Around Makeover

Producteev Gets a Makeover | 40Tech

Producteev, one of our favourite  — and one of the best — to-do apps, has released a massive upgrade that includes some long-awaited features and platform updates. The web and iPhone apps have gotten a makeover, the much clamoured-for Android app has finally arrived, and there is now a Windows 7 desktop app to balance out the Mac version. Even the logo has been updated (bye bye Tasky the beaver)!

To top it all off, Producteev has added a few new features into the mix — and yes (drumroll), that does include sub-tasks…

Check out the video below for the overview of some of the new functionality in the multi-platform task manager.

There have been usability and visual enhancements across all apps, improvements to some of the main Producteev feature-set (discussed in previous posts), and some brand new features such as integration with TaskRabbit (a service for crowdsourcing small tasks), the ability to print tasks and export them to CSV, as well as the aforementioned sub-tasks.

Now, I know many of you have been waiting patiently for sub-tasks, but don’t get too excited. At this time, sub-tasks are really nothing more than a checkable list added to the top of the main task’s detailed view. There is no way to interact with them outside of that view, or to add specific dates, labels, or anything else. Also, they don’t appear to work in the mobile apps yet, either. Hopefully, there will be improvements, and soon, especially in the case of the missing mobile integration.

The Android app is great. I can now use Producteev with my wife’s phone just as easily as my own, and with an interface that’s nearly identical to the iPhone’s. As Producteev mentions in this post, however, Android users should be aware that the new app is in beta. Don’t expect an error-free experience, just yet.

As always, Producteev is free to use for workspaces that have one or two people. If you want to collaborate with larger teams, unlimited people and storage space can be had for $20 USD per month (it gets cheaper the more workspaces you buy).

Update: Google Calendar integration has been temporarily disabled due to stability issues. It should be back up and running within the week — and it will be better than before. Two way task-sync with Gcal, folks!

How to enable Telnet on Windows 7


Editor’s note: If you run a web server, or like to mess around with networking gear, then you might be familiar with Telnet and SSH. Only the truly geeky need apply. Today, 40Tech is pleased to present you with a guest post from James Sudbury of Netzen Solutions Ltd. James takes a look at how to get up and running with Telnet on Windows 7.

Telnet is an old outdated protocol that is used for remote command line administration on various devices such as Cisco routers. I would recommend the use of SSH over Telnet in any circumstance; however I still find the Telnet command useful for testing mail servers and for checking open TCP ports. The ability to use Telnet might not be obvious on Windows 7, but it can be done.

Follow these instructions to enable Telnet on Windows 7:
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Quickly Move Windows With Chameleon Window Manager [Windows]

chameleon window manager

Windows 7 has some handy windows management functions, such as dragging a window to the left side of the screen to have it snap to fill the entire left half of your screen, or dragging it to the top of the screen to fill the entire screen. If you want even more functionality, whether it be on Windows 7, XP, or Vista, check out Chameleon Window Manager.

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Free Up Space By Deleting Windows 7 SP1 Backup Files

service pack backup removal

Yesterday, we asked you how much disk space you’ve used up on your system. On a Windows 7 PC, some of that space can be taken up by Service Pack 1 backup files that you might never need. When you install Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, it creates backup files in case you have problems and ever need to uninstall the service pack. You can remove them, though, if you want to. Here’s how.


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102 Free Programs Worth the Download [Windows]

102 Free Programs Worth the Download [Windows] | 40Tech

There are a lot of free programs for Windows, and while many of them may have you running for the nearest anti-virus or spyware scanner, there are some that are not only useful and safe, but awesome beyond words. The trouble, of course, is sorting through the volumes of crap – I know it’s not a task I enjoy… Thankfully, neither you nor I will have to worry about it, because the good folks over at MakeUseOf have done the work for us! They have gathered, sorted, sifted, and otherwise separated the good freebies from the bad, and compiled them into a very well organized and easy to navigate list. Bless their gigantic hearts!

The list, which can be found here on their site, is broken down into 21 categories, each containing three to nine applications. They cover everything from free anti-virus software to CD/DVD tools, productivity tools, photo/image editors, file recovery software and more. Several on the list are ones I’ve heard of and tried, such as Microsoft Security Essentials, Evernote, LastPass, and Recuva — but there are a lot that I am not familiar with, and the stamp of approval MakeUseOf gives them makes them a lot easier to consider.

The list of the best 102 Free Windows programs is worth a view for any computer owner, and a look through is nearly a must for the geeky set. Check it out — I’d love to know what you think of it, and if there are any you think should or shouldn’t be there.

The Best Of: Windows Software [MakeUseOf]