Schedule Your Gmail Messages With Boomerang

Gmail is one of our favorite apps at 40Tech. One of the great features of Gmail is how you can customize it to your liking, with something such as Labs. You can also use browser extensions to tweak Gmail. One such extension is Boomerang, which allows you to schedule your emails for later sending.

When you install the extension, a “send later” button is added to both the start and the end of your Gmail message box. Click on the button, and select the time when you want to send the message.

On their website, the Boomerang folks do warn that the extension is in beta, and that they can’t assume liability for missed or lost messages. Have any of you tried Boomerang for long enough that you can comment on its reliability? Boomerang is currently free while in beta, although the developers are asking each user to contribute what he or she feels that the app is worth.

Boomerang [via Lost in Technology]