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Show Us Your Workflow! How Do You Make Tech Work for You?

Show Us Your Workflow | 40Tech

We write and converse a lot about productivity tools here on 40Tech, and the Grown-Up Geeks who frequent our small but fertile domain (that would be you) have always given us much to think about in terms of alternative methods and technologies. With that in mind, we’d love the opportunity to learn even more from you! We want to know your workflow; the tried and tested methods that you, personally, have found to get things done using tech.

Image by zemanta

Post in the comments, or send us an email, whatever works best for you. We’d be really interested in selecting a few and working with you to turn them into posts. Maybe we can even discover some sort of uber-workflow within them all that will better all of our lives.

Yeah, that last bit may sound like a stretch, but don’t hold the cheesy wording against me – it could happen!

So what’s your workflow?

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