to gather info quickly use Google Alerts and the chrome app “read later”

every morning go through alerts, tweet interesting stuff and mark the others with read later app.

When you have time you can go through those pages quickly.

I recently started using springpad and I love it. So when I find an interesting page I would put it on springpad under a relevant book with the relevant GTD type tagging.

I’ve moved from using Personal Brain as my main info storage as I find springpad sufficient for me. Don’t know what will happen when they start charging or go bankrupt. Guess having stuff on your PC is probably better. Best to have on both areas.

I used to do GTD with OneNote and Outlook but found that when you have too many tasks it doesn’t work efficiently. (i.e. 500 tasks +) I moved all my personal tasks over to the iphone with the app pocket informant, and got a really good program for recruitment that takes care of all the task making.

my life is a lot simpler now. Only problem is that every now and again some really cool easy apps come out, and then you have to change again….