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Install Non-Market Apps on Your Android Phone With the Sideload Wonder Machine

android sideload wonder machine

The primary method of installing apps on your Android phone is via the Android Market.  Last week, we talked about AppBrain, an app that helps you discover new Market apps.  There’s a whole world outside the Market, though. How do you get those apps onto your phone, if your Android device doesn’t directly support the loading of non-Market apps?  Enter the Sideload Wonder Machine.

The Sideload Wonder Machine, from Android Central, runs from an .exe file.  Before you use it, download the .apk file for the application that you want to install, and make sure that USB debugging is enabled on your Android device (typically this can be found in menu>settings>applications>development).  Then plug in your device, fire up the Sideload Wonder Machine, click the “Choose APK” button, and then click the “Install” button.  A command window will then appear that will handle the rest of the installation.

Have you installed any non-Market apps on your Android device?  If you’ve found some good ones, share them in the comments.

Android Sideload Wonder Machine [from Android Central]