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Create and Access Notes Anywhere Without an Account


One of the drawbacks of most notetaking apps is that they require you to fire up an app or a website, and log in to an account before you can start typing.  What if you want to quickly enter a note from your computer, that you can later access from any browser?  Digitizd (one of our favorite sites) took a look at one such app, is simple.  Just go to the website, and you're presented with a mostly blank page.  Type your note, and then just use the URL from the address bar to access that note from any browser (when you visit, you're redirected to a page with a unique address).  That's all that there is too it.

If you want, you can change the URL to something of your choosing.  You also have the option of adding a password to the page, if you want some security or privacy to the note.

On its auxiliary site, Digitizd Plus, Digitizd also looked at using as a universal clipboard.  The article explained how the cross-platform nature of is a great way to get a link or other text from one computer to another, just by copying and pasting, and then opening on the other computer.

One drawback?  Don't lose the URL of your note, or it is lost forever.

For a more detailed look at, check out the writeup on Digitizd, or the look at as a univeral clipboard on Digitizd Plus. [via Digitizd]