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A Car That Runs on Your Own Poo

Josh Farkas

08.10.10 - Gas pump

So you’d like to improve gas mileage because you’ve got a 100 mile round trip commute, gas isn’t getting any cheaper, or you just want to put out less CO2?  Whatever your reasons, there are tons of hybrid and electric choices, and new offerings all the time.  But with any new technology, there is what I will refer to as “hype,” and cars are no exception. 

If you think that there is too much “hype” around these electric and hybrid vehicles, then we have found the technology for you!  On Monday, Volkswagen premiered the “Bio-Bug” which will run on human sewage or some of that…”hype.”  Discovery News’ tech blog is referring to it as a poo-powered Beetle.  Let the jokes begin; I would think something about a dung beetle is fertile ground for comment.

Would you consider owning a hybrid / electric / sewage fueled car?  Do you already?  If so what do you think?

Poo-Powered VW Beetle Runs Clean [Discovery News]