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How the Internet Might Replace the Classroom

Josh Farkas


There are many, many, great resources on the web, especially in the area of education. There are thousands of sites dedicated just to teaching languages, for example.  In fact, Bill Gates said earlier this month that he expected that within five years the web would provide a better education than our institutions of higher learning.  Here in Texas, the Board of Education seems to have fully embraced this trend, and now offers a home schooling program for elementary school-aged kids that is completely online.  They even provide the computer.

My Life Scoop recently listed a few of the best sites for education, and there are more created every day.  In fact, Xconomy pubished an article yesterday about a new startup, Udemy, whose name comes from “academy for you.”  Udemy received $1 million in seed funding to “democratize learning on the web.”

Notwithstanding these great online learning opportunities, I’m still not sure that I want a lawyer representing me who got a law degree from iTunes U.  So what do you think:  will the internet ever truly replace the classroom, or will it always be a supplement to improve the classroom experience?

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