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Your Next Credit Card May Be a Cell Phone.

Josh Farkas

Josh Farkas

This post is by Josh Farkas, who wrote for the site in 2010. - Evan
Josh Farkas

08.4.10 - Credit Card

My wallet is pretty small. I don’t carry business cards because you can get my contact information from my LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, website or email signature. I don’t carry money because I have one rewards credit card that I use for everything.  If you don’t take credit cards, then I’ll go to the store around the corner that does. I don’t carry receipts because I scan them into Evernote and have them synced with my phone. I don’t carry pictures because I put those in Dropbox and can see them on my phone any time I want without the risk of losing them. I don’t carry health insurance cards, dental insurance cards, business cards from my doctor’s office, or membership cards from AAA or elsewhere, because I put all of that information into my contacts on my phone and leave the cards at home. I don’t carry a library card because the library staff can pull up my information based on my driver’s license. So I am left with my driver’s license and a credit card. It seems that if Verizon and AT&T have their way, I soon will be down to just my driver’s license.

According to several sources, Verizon and AT&T are working on a partnership to develop contactless payments from your cell phone. The financial website The Motley Fool has more information on the deal.  It seems there is no word yet on when this might be rolled out, or how they are going to fill my mailbox with pre-approved cell phone / credit card offers.

So what do you think?  Would you use a system like this?  Would you trust it?

     Looming Threat for Visa, MasterCard from AT&T, Verizon [The Motley Fool]