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Increase Blog Traffic and Find More to Read with Redanyway

Bobby Travis

image Redanyway is a very easy and apparently quite effective way to increase blog traffic and create a direct line of interaction with your readers — as long as they also have a Redanyway account, of course. That’s the nature of the social network beast though, so it is not a surprise. The difference here, however, is that it is not you or your photos or what you are up to at the moment that people are following — it’s your blog content. With Redanyway, your blog is essentially your profile. People can follow you and be updated when you post in much the same way as a feed reader, but with the added benefit of a cool widget that will not only entice people to click, but will also advertise you in other ways (like interactive snapshots of your Twitter followers) — and that’s only the beginning.




Redanyway features several nifty features that are sure to shout out to your (hopefully increasing) readers:

Autopost to Social Networks

  • You can autopost to your Twitter and Facebook streams as soon as you put a new blog post live

Show Off Your Twitter Followers

  • You can, as mentioned above, show interactive snapshots of your Twitter followers in the Redanyway widget, as well as Followers of your blog

Shameless Self-Promotion

  • Promote your blog with a big FOLLOW THIS BLOG button — don’t worry, it’s pretty too

Newsletter/Shoutbox-ish Features

  • Make announcements to your followers, using Redanyway as yet another direct communications channel — engagement is the key to longevity and happiness online, my friends

Follow Your Own Favourites and Track Them

  • Use the Redanyway Dashboard and email to track posts by those you follow
  • You can find new peoples via the Explore button, your own followers, or recommendations

The Redanyway widget is available for all blogging platforms (and any website, really), with easy install for Typepad and Blogger, a plugin for WordPress, and Javascript code for everyone else.

You can use Redanyway just to follow bloggers of your choice, but considering that many of the readers and commenters out there are also bloggers, themselves, Redanyway could be as useful as CommentLuv (which we covered here) as a means of gaining traffic and interaction. An integrated Facebook application would also be extremely helpful, however, and would do wonders at increasing the popularity of Redanyway, which would, in turn, increase the potential popularity of your blog. Overall, Redanyway is definitely worth a try. After all, how can it be bad to have another promotion channel on your blog?

Do you, have you, or would you use Redanyway on your site? What do you think of its potential as a promotion tool?