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CommentLuv now live on 40Tech, and Commenter vs. Commentator

40techposterous It is time for another digest of recent content on 40Tech’s Posterous site, where we post content that is too brief for this site, but too long for Twitter.  Since the last digest, our Posterous site has taken a look at the following item:


CommentLuv – With avatars not working properly with the Disqus commenting system on 40Tech, we’ve deactivated Disqus, and gone back to the standard WordPress commenting system.  One side benefit is that we can now use the CommentLuv plugin.  CommentLuv allows a commenter (commentator?) to plug his or her own blog, by automatically detecting the latest post on the commenter’s own site, and posting a link to it along with the commenter’s comment.  If you noticed any comments disappear, it is nothing personal – it probably got lost in the Disqus deactivation (I noticed only one comment missing – one of mine).

 If this headline interests you, check out the 40Tech Posterous site.

On a completely unrelated and somewhat trivial note, I’ve been wrestling with the use of the words "commenter" or "commentator" to describe those who leave comments on blogs.  Most sources suggest that "commentator" is the proper word, but "commenter" gets some love, too, and actually seems more sensible to me in this type of setting.  Can anyone shed some light on this?