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40Tech Posterous Digest – Gmail Signature Boost, Firefox Tab Enhancements, and More

40techposterous It is time for another digest of recent content on 40Tech’s Posterous site, where we post content that is too brief for this site, but too long for Twitter.  Since the last digest, our Posterous site has taken a look at the following items:

Set Up Tiny, Permanent Tabs in Firefox – how to set up permanent, reduced-sized tabs of selected sites in Firefox.

If a Browser Is Released in a Forest and Nobody is Around to Hear It . . . – the Opera 10 Release Candidate is out, with the final release just around the corner, but will anybody notice?

Favicon Alerts for Google Voice – a Greasemonkey script to put a count of the number of unlistened Google Voice messages into the favicon of your Google Voice tab in Firefox.

WIndows 7’s "Problem Steps Recorder" – a tool to record and annotate problems you have in Windows 7.

Multiple Gmail Signatures in Firefox Using "Blank Canvas"
– a Firefox plugin that allows you to have multiple HTML-compatible Gmail signatures that can be tied to particular sending and receiving addresses.


 If any of those headlines interest you, check out the 40Tech Posterous site.