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Tag: Logmein

Remote Access Shootout: LogMeIn vs. TeamViewer

logmein vs teamviewer There are many reasons why you might want to access your home computer while away from home.  You may need to access a program or file on that machine, or you may need to browse to a website that is blocked in your current location.  Fortunately, there are free options available that let you access your home PC.  Today, we look at two of them- LogMeIn Free, and TeamViewer.  The two applications have similar functionality, but go about things differently.  Read on for a comparison between LogMeIn Free and TeamViewer.


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10 Free Programs I Can’t Live Without, Part 2

freesign In the previous post, I discussed the first five of ten free applications that I find to be essential.  As mentioned in the first list, Evernote is conspicuously absent from the list.  That’s only because I have upgraded from the free version of Evernote to the the paid version.  Otherwise, Evernote would be at the top of my list.  Here are the next five free applications on the list.  If there are any applications you find to be essential, let me know in the comments.
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