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Managing Life On The Go With Astrid [Android]


Today, 40Tech is pleased to present a guest post by Tim Graves .

With all the various productivity apps floating around on the internet, it can become hard to filter through them all and pick one which suits your needs. In addition, with the rise of numerous paid apps, it can be difficult to determine whether one is right for your uses. Astrid, however, has made a name for itself among the prominent Android blogs. It is well-respected as one of the best task list apps available for Android users, and to boot, it’s free! So what makes Astrid so popular? Aside from the price point, the simple answer is: it works, and works well. Read more

Got To Do vs. Ultimate To Do List: Comparison of Toodledo Apps on Android

Got To Do versus Ultimate To Do List

If you can find an app in the iPhone app store, chances are that you can find an equivalent app for your Android device.  Sometimes, though, an official app isn’t available, so you have to look a bit harder.  That’s the case if you’re a user of Toodledo, a task manager that we’ve raved about before here at 40Tech.  Fortunately, Android developers are a resourceful bunch, and, as a result, third party alternatives have sprung up that bring Toodledo to your Android device. Two of the best are Ultimate To Do List and Got To Do.

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Use Your Email to Set Reminders


If you want to set a reminder for yourself, you could do it the hard way by manually adding a reminder to your calendar.  You could also do it the easy way, by using FollowUpThen.  FollowUpThen is a service that allows you to schedule follow-up reminders by simply adding a special email address to the TO:,CC:, or BCC: line of an email message.  This makes it particularly handy as a tool for getting reminders to follow-up with your email recipient, but it also can be used to set normal reminders.

The best way to illustrate how to use FollowUpThen is with an example.  If I email a question to Bobby, and I want to receive a reminder in one day to follow-up with him, I would send an email to Bobby’s address, and add [email protected] to the TO:, CC:, or BCC: line.  In one day, I would then receive a reminder, consisting of my original message along with a “following up . . .” note.  Bobby would also get that reminder, if I used the CC: option when sending the message.

The timing of the reminder can be set with several options.  You can set the reminder by time elapsed (1minute, 3hours, 2days, etc., all followed by and day of the week (  You can also set reminders using some natural language words (,, etc.), and by using specific dates or times (,  You can even set up recurring reminders, such as  To see a list of all of your reminders, along with links to cancel reminders, send an email to

For messages sent to using a CC:, both you and the recipient will receive a reminder if your reciepient has not responded by the scheduled time.  In order for the reminder to be canceled, your recipient must use “reply to all” so that the reply is also sent to FollowUpThen.  If you send your email using BCC:, then only you will receive a followup, regardless of any reply by your recipient.  If you just use the “TO:” field, then you will get a reminder after the time interval that you specify.

A service like FollowUpThen does raise some privacy issues, as a third party is receiving your email message.  FollowUpThen claims that it doesn’t share your information with third parties, and that it automatically deletes your email contents, and your recipient’s address, once the follow-up has been sent

For a service that is similar to FollowUpThen, check out has additional features, like a web interface with a calendar, and a clickable link in your reminder email to postpone a reminder.

FollowUpThen [via Cybernetnews]

GTD in Producteev: Utilizing Multiple Workspaces

GTD in Producteev

If you have read 40Tech over the past year, you may have discovered my minor obsession with productivity apps and methods. It’s a journey that began with my first post here: GTD in Evernote with Only One Notebook (posted a year and a week ago ), and continued through reviews of Action Method Online and on into my latest experiment, Producteev 2. I have really been enjoying Producteev, and have been using it exclusively for some time now — so I decided it was time to attempt a full GTD implementation, and see how it would work. After some trial and error, I’m satisfied. Check out a walkthrough of my method for GTD in Producteev, below.

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Producteev Wants To Be Your Virtual Assistant

Producteev Task Manager Wants to Be Your Virtual Assistant | 40Tech

Just last week, Producteev announced on their Posterous blog that their software now has the power to act as a virtual assistant, of sorts. In June, we introduced Producteev to you as an organic task manager that does its best to apply itself to your current workflow, as opposed to forcing you to adopt a new one. That was only two months ago and the ambitious developers over at Producteev HQ have been steadily pushing out improvements and new features. 

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