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Producteev Wants To Be Your Virtual Assistant

Bobby Travis

Producteev Task Manager Wants to Be Your Virtual Assistant | 40Tech

Just last week, Producteev announced on their Posterous blog that their software now has the power to act as a virtual assistant, of sorts. In June, we introduced Producteev to you as an organic task manager that does its best to apply itself to your current workflow, as opposed to forcing you to adopt a new one. That was only two months ago and the ambitious developers over at Producteev HQ have been steadily pushing out improvements and new features. 

Producteev has embraced the power of “natural language”, allowing users to actually tell the system (via email, IM, browser extension, and more) to do things like create or update a task and assign it to George with a level 5 priority and a Friday due date. There are a few command modifiers that get the job done for you in shorthand, like @, *, etc., but the addition of natural use of words like tomorrow and Friday greatly increase both ease and speed of use of the Producteev task management system.

Producteev now also allows you to reply to reminder messages to change the status of a task, and to retrieve tasks by query. For an example of the last, if you type something like /today in whichever medium you use to communicate with Producteev, you will shortly receive a message from your account listing all of your tasks that are dated for today! Very handy, especially if you are on the go and don’t have access to the mobile app.

Producteev Screencast 

What are your thoughts on Producteev?

Beaver Now Trained in Natural Human Language [Producteev Blog]