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The 2011 App of the Year

Lastpass app of the year

LastPass is the 40Tech community’s choice for 2011 App of the Year. After almost a week of voting, LastPass outdistanced the second place finisher, Springpad, by over 250 votes. If we had voted ourselves, LastPass would have merited strong consideration. As a convenient and secure password manager, it is one of a handful of apps that the 40Tech team uses on a daily basis. One of the earliest posts we wrote, and still one of our most popular, was a comparison between LastPass, KeePass, and eWallet, with LastPass coming out on top as our favorite password manager. LastPass fared just as well when we put it through the paces against 1Password. Do you use LastPass? Read more

Cast Your Vote for the 2011 App of the Year

Last week, we asked for nominations to add to our list of contenders for 40Tech App of the Year. We received some good suggestions, and thought of several on our own. We did debate whether to include lesser-know submissions, and also whether the official apps for services like Facebook and Google+ constitute “apps.” In the end, we opened the floodgates, and added them all to the list. Cast your vote below for your choice of App of the Year. As with the nominations, the definition of “app of the year” is what you make of it. It could be an app that you found to be the most enjoyable, most helpful, most innovative – whatever you think made something your favorite in 2011.

The poll will remain open until noon EST on Tuesday, January 2. We’ll come back after that with the results. Here are the choices.

[Reader Survey] Do You Like Your Apps In the Cloud Or On the Desktop?


We write about the cloud quite a bit here at 40Tech. We’ve covered online word processors, options for free cloud storage, how to solve some of the risks of cloud computing, and several cloud-based task managers and productivity tools. In other words, we love cloud computing. But . . . lately I’ve started to appreciate the speed and elegance of a few desktop apps, and have started looking for desktop versions of some apps.

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Poll Results – The #1 Freemium App Is . . .

first place

We recently asked our readers to vote for the freemium app that is most worth paying for, and the results are in. 12 different apps received votes, with Evernote coming out on top. Dropbox and Lastpass were the other two apps that received double digits in votes. Here are the full results:

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What Do You Want to See More Of?

What Do You Want to See More Of? | 40Tech

We’re a bunch of “self-admitted and proud of it” Grown-up Geeks here at 40Tech – and I’m including you lot in that statement as well. We’re all here because we love tech, we love toys, and we love hanging out in a place where opinions are respectfully given and received. Sharing interesting bits of information and learning from each other is what 40Tech is all about – and that’s led me to wondering: What do you want to see more of on 40Tech?

We’ve written a fair bit on Evernote and productivity methods, as well as digital security and interesting hardware and software reviews (both mobile and desktop). What do you want to read more of? What do you guys want to talk about? Drop some suggestions in the comments, or contact us and suggest a post or two. Why do you read us? We really want to know!