Federico Viticci writing for MacStories:

Today, Cultured Code is launching Things 3.5, a mid-cycle update that refines several aspects of the app and prepares its foundation for other major upgrades down the road. There isn’t a single all-encompassing change in Things 3.5 – nor is this version going to convince users to switch to Things like, say, version 3.4 or 3.0 might have. However, Things 3.5 is a collection of smaller yet welcome improvements that are worth outlining because they all contribute to making Things more powerful, intuitive, and consistent with its macOS counterpart.

Today is a great day for app updates and releases, with the release of Drafts 5 and now the Things 3.5 update. Just a few of the improvements in Things are the ability to enter tags by searching, to paste text and convert lines to tasks, and to use URL scheme automation to update existing tasks. MacStories has the full rundown.