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iPad Diaries: Transmit Replacements and FTP Clients →

Federico Viticci, writing for MacStories:

But this isn’t a post-mortem for Transmit on iOS, which, according to Panic, may even relaunch as a new app on the Store someday. Instead, I’d like to take a quick tour of some of the alternatives for Transmit available on iPad today. In case Panic decides to pull Transmit from the App Store, or if the app stops working in a future release of iOS, these FTP clients and file managers should compensate for the features of Panic’s app. Most of them don’t offer the same sophisticated and polished UI design, but some of them may even turn out to be more flexible and better integrated with iOS than Transmit.

Panic announced two weeks ago it would be removing Transmit from the iOS App Store soon, since it wasn’t profitable for the company. If you’ve been wondering how you might replace Transmit, Federico Viticci’s article should get you started. I hadn’t heard of two of the three apps in his story. I’ll most likely stick with Transmit until a clearly better alternative comes along, or it stops working. If you know of a great iOS FTP client not mentioned in Viticci’s story, please let me know.