I’ve made some subtle changes to the site, all involving linked posts. A linked post is a post where I’m primarily commenting on content that I’ve seen on another site. I’ve always linked to those posts when commenting on them, but not as prominently as I would have liked.

I’ve wanted to configure the post title of linked posts so clicking the title takes you to the post on the other site, but that was beyond my coding ability. You can see this done on other sites, like 512 Pixels and Daring Fireball.

Through force of will, and use of the Daring Fireball-style Linked List Plugin, I now have this working here at 40Tech. If you’re on the home page of the site right now, you can see an example of this in the post directly below this one. The arrow symbol (→) at the end of a title signifies that if you click on the post title, you’ll be taken to the original post at another site. The link or infinity symbol (∞) at the end of those posts on the home page is the 40Tech permalink for the post, and will take you to the post here on 40Tech. If there’s no arrow at the end of a title, clicking the link will keep you here at 40Tech.

I hope this isn’t too confusing. It is the standard, if there is one, around the web as seen on several sites. It also throws light back on the original writer’s post, as it should.