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Jump Cursor Between Monitors with Keyboard Maestro

My monitors must be reproducing. A few years ago, I switched from multiple monitors back to a single monitor, happy to use different Spaces to organize my desktop. Recently, though, I’ve added a second and then a third monitor into the equation (one of which is my MacBook Pro screen). The drawback of this setup is the time it takes to drag the mouse cursor from one monitor to another. Keyboard Maestro fixed this.

With Keyboard Maestro, I’ve set up three macros. Each macro involves  a hotkey to trigger the macro, and the “Move or Click Mouse” action to tell Keyboard Maestro where to move the cursor. Here’s an example of the macro to move my cursor to the center of the third (right-most) monitor:move mac cursor to right monitor

I do a “Control-Option-Command” mash of the keyboard, along with the forward slash key, to trigger the macro. The mouse cursor then jumps to the center of my right-most monitor.

I use a different hotkey for each of my other two monitors. To modify the macro for different monitors, simply change the numbers in the second part of the macro. For example, for your second monitor, change SCREEN(3, MidX) and SCREEN(3,MidY) to instead be SCREEN(2, MidX) and SCREEN(2,MidY). You’ll also need to change your hot key.