Fantastical 2 is my favorite calendar app for the Mac, and lives in my menu bar. I love being able to tap the menu bar, and see my appointments at a glance from anywhere on my Mac. There’s also something about its natural language parsing that still gets me a bit giddy, even after using Fantastical for a few years. Today, the app got even better.

Flexibits just added Exchange support, along with a long list of other additions. You could always view your Exchange appointments by tying Fantastical to your Mac calendar, but now you can access a host of Exchange functionality, including the ability to respond to invitations.

If you’re a Google user, you get some love, too. If you have a Google Apps account, you can see Google Hangout links. In addition, Push for Google accounts shows changes immediately, and you’ll receive suggestions from Google Contacts when adding invitees.

I ran the update, and the new changes were applied pretty seamlessly. When the app relaunched after the update, I was prompted to add my Exchange account, and to receive the Google Contacts suggestions.Fantastical Exchange accounts

Those are just a few of the long list of improvements. To see the entire list, check out the entry on the Flexibits blog.


Fantastical 2.2 for Mac (aka the massively big, massively awesome update!) | Flexibits blog.