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Mac Clean Install Checklist

With about every other OS X release, I perform a clean install on my main Mac. There’s a good overview on how to perform a clean install at OS X Daily. I’ve gradually worked up a checklist in Evernote for what I need to remember to do both before and after the install is complete. Here is my checklist.


• Run SuperDuper! clone backup
• Run Machine backup
• Backup sparseimage containing DevonThink database
• Take screenshot of list of apps in app folder (or generate list via Terminal)
• Deauthorize iTunes (on Boot Camp partition, too)
• Deauthorize any other apps with limited installs
• Backup/Copy files/saved games over from Windows partition

Backup settings/rules for:
• Hazel rules – take screenshot and export rules
• LittleSnitch
• MailTags
• Mail Act-On
• Dropzone
• Aperture presets
• Mail rules
• Alfred workflows
• Pathfinder favorites
• FTP server settings (Forklift)

Post install

• Enable local dictation
• Install essential apps
• Install other apps only as needed
• Restore needed documents/files/settings
• Enable system firewall


What did I miss?