mStandThank you, Tony Hue of LonePlacebo for helping me spend money. A couple of weeks ago, Tony wrote about the mStand, a monitor stand that almost looks like it could have been designed by Apple. I decided that I needed a stand, so I took the plunge and bought the swiveling version of the stand, the mStand 360, along with an Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

Tony’s assessment is dead on. The stand looks nice, feels solid, and gets my MacBook Pro to the perfect elevation. Head on over to his review for a thorough look at the stand, and to see some photos. Use his link to order, as I think he has affiliate links on his site.

Don’t have an Apple laptop? As Tony notes,

Although Rain Design says that the stand is designed primarily for Apple laptops, you can fit any laptop with a maximum depth of 10.4″.

I enjoy Tony’s site, but if his reviews get me to purchase one more item, I might need to stay away for a while.

Cure Poor Posture at your Desk with the mStand Laptop Stand | LonePlacebo