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Turn Evernote Into a Journaling Tool With Ever Journal

Ever Journal iconPut this into the category of “interesting, although I’m not sure I’d use it.” If your whole life is in Evernote, and you also keep a journal, then you may want to check out Ever Journal Free For Evernote. The app lets you input journal entries, which are then sent into Evernote in a “My Journal” notebook.

I’ve only given the app a cursory look, since I don’t keep a journal. The interface has a basic but skeuomorphic look – the screen is filled with a piece of lined paper, 4 icons on the side, and the keyboard (well, there’s also a pretty distracting advertisement just above the keyboard. Get the paid version to get rid of the ad).


When you’re done with an entry, tap the top right icon, and your entry will be uploaded into a “My Journal’ Notebook in your Evernote account, that is subdivided by year. On the iPad, you’ll only see the notebook named by the year, so it might be easy to miss. Here’s what a couple of entries look like, once synced to the iPad (it looks like all entries for a day get sent into one note):

Ever Journal notebook

To get the app to work, you do have to authenticate it with your Evernote account. It doesn’t appear to have access to your credentials, though.

So why not just input entries directly into Evernote? The benefits of this app are that you don’t have to worry about tagging or categorizing, and multiple entries for a day automatically go into one note. You can also add your location to a note with one tap of an icon.

If I journaled, I might use this app, since Evernote is such an integral part of my digital life. If you put the app through the paces, let me know in the comments what you think. If you really like it, there is a paid version, too.


Ever Journal Free for Evernote [via Cult of Mac]