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Crowdsource Your Disputes With Side With Me

Side with me

Our parents had Dear Abby; we have the hive mind of the Internet. When it comes to resolving arguments and disagreements, technology can play a role. Factual disagreements are easy to resolve – a quick Google search or a visit to WIkipedia can resolve most such disputes. But what about a disagreement that boils down to a matter of opinion? Side With Me is a web site that helps declare winners and losers in arguments that aren’t based solely on fact.

In Side With Me’s own words, “two people submit, and we publish, both sides of an argument and the Side With Me community votes for who has the better (more ‘right’) side.” In addition to posting a summery of each position, users must decide how many votes will be required for a winner to be declared. Voting for a side is a simple matter of clicking on your choice. Users can also leave comments on a post, which allows advice and opinions to be given.

Side With Me question

Side With Me isn’t going to bring world peace, and there’s a part of it that seems to appeal to those who are insecure. Many of the posts are also of a very “gossipy” nature that could be off-putting to visitors. At worst, though, Side With Me can be entertaining. At best, it might help you resolve disputes.

Would you subject your disputes to the scrutiny of the Internet?

Side With Me