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Customize Your Windows Logon Screen With LogonStudio

Windows logon screen

In my recent kick to clean up and customize my desktop, I discovered one problem- in Windows, no matter what you use for your desktop, you’re stuck with the same boring logon screen whenever you lock your computer or are booting your computer. There are some hacks around this, such as tweaking the registry and the background image file, but I wanted an easier process. Enter LogonStudio, which lets you customize your Windows logon screen.

LogonStudio is by Stardock, the same folks who created previously mentioned Fences. LogonStudio works with “packages,” which are the files needed to create the login screen. The program’s simple interface let’s you load a preexisting package, and create packages by selecting a wallpaper from your hard drive. The program also lets you upload and download packages from a section of WinCustomize.com. A “download” link in the app will send you there, allowing you to browse various packages.

Logonstudio main screen

I found the app to be easy to use. I downloaded a wallpaper from a wallpaper site, then opened LogonStudio. From there, I clicked the “Create” button, browsed to my downloaded wallpaper, and selected it. I then gave it a name, and hit the “Save” button to add it to my library in LogonStudio. Then it was a matter of selecting the wallpaper, and clicking the “Apply” button. Once you’ve done this, you don’t need to keep the app running.

Now, when my computer boots up, or when I lock the screen, I see the wallpaper I selected. This won’t make you more productive, but it is a nice effect.

LogonStudio is free, and works with Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

LogonStudio [Stardock]

Windows login screen image by Acid Pix.