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The 10 Most Popular 40Tech Stories of 2011

Top 10 by Sam Churchill

It’s that time of the year where you see lists everywhere you turn. Now it’s our turn, as we present you with our list of the top 10 most popular 40Tech articles of 2011. These are articles that were posted in 2011, so popular older articles, like our look at Evernote as a GTD tool, weren’t considered. We measured “popularity” by the number of page views a story tallied during the year. Read on for the results.

Photo by Sam_Churchill.

1. GTD in Springpad

GTD in Springpad

We take a look at how to use Springpad as a GTD system.


2. 6 Cool Interactive Google Doodles

6 Cool Interactive Google Doodles

We look at Google’s playful side, by listing our favorite interactive logos that graced the Google search page.


3. LastPass vs. 1Password: Password Manager Shootout [Windows/Mac]

LastPass vs. 1Password

As  a follow up to another popular post that compared LastPass, KeePass, and eWallet, we pitted LastPass against 1Password.


4. How to Reset the Furthest Read Location On Your Kindle

How to Reset the Furthest Read Location on Your Kindle

Photo by kodomut.

If you’ve ever tried to re-read a book on your Kindle, you’ve probably noticed that Whispersync’s “last read location” will typically point to the end of the book. We tell you how to reset that.


5. GTD On the Go With Awesome Note and Evernote [Reader Workflow]

GTD with Awesome Note and Evernote

Nina Kefer shares her GTD implementation, using Awesome Note and Evernote.


6. Which Android Browser Is Fastest?

Fastest Android Browser

Android offers many great web browsers. We take a look at two studies that compare speeds of several browsers.


7. How to Get a Refund From the iOS or Mac App Stores

Apple app store refunds

Image from Ben Husmann.

If you’ve ever bought an app that doesn’t do quite what it advertised, you might want to get a refund. We explain how to do it. Check the comments of the article, though, as it appears that getting a refund is somewhat of a moving target.


8. GTD With 2Do and Toodledo [Reader Workflow]

GTD with Toodledo and 2Do

Yes, GTD is a popular on 40Tech. Here is another post from Nina Kefer, looking at GTD using 2Do (an iOS app) and Toodledo.


9. GTD, Producteev, Evernote — Bridged!

GTD with Producteev and Evernote

Bobby writes about how to use Evernote and Producteev together in a GTD methodology. His setup uses Evernote as the ultimate collection tool, and Producteev as the magic task management/Google Calendar integrator.


10. Producteev Adds Google Tasks Sync, Outlook Plugin, with Native Mac, Windows, Android Apps On the Way

Producteev Google Task sync

We let you know about developments in the Producteev world, including the launching of an Outlook plugin that let’s you single-click emails directly to tasks, the introduction of two-way sync with Google Tasks, and the announcement of some native apps on the way (I’ve since used the Mac app, and it is pretty sweet).


Did you have a favorite post this year?