Talented photographs and photo editors abound. I’m not one of them. I use my trusty point and shoot, and every now and then I can impress myself with a lucky shot. I also can’t work the Photoshop magic that some professionals can weave every day. If I want to tweak an image, I need a simple tool. “Simple” is a word that describes iSplash, a Mac photo app that is a one-trick pony. That trick, though, is pretty cool.

iSplash turns an image to grayscale, and then lets you restore the color to any part of it. You pick an image from your hard drive or from iPhoto, and it opens in the app, already in greyscale. You take your brush, and “paint” over the areas where you want color. The photo’s original color will be restored to those areas, as you go. If you make a mistake, you can select the greyscale brush and return part of the image to grayscale. You can zoom in or out on a photo, and use a slider to increase and decrease the size of your brush head.

The one drawback of iSplash is the lack of documentation. Three buttons have been added to the toolbar since I bought the app, and I can’t figure out what all of them do.

The big benefit to iSplash is its simplicity for a novice like me. I decided to see what I could create, in five minutes or less, and here’s what I came up with:

ISplash sample

Certainly not a work of art, and it could use some fine tuning, but trust me when I say that it’s pretty good for me. If you actually have some skills and patience, you could do much better

iSpash is currently 99 cents in the Mac App Store.

iSplash [Mac App Store and developer’s website]