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The Top Ten Electronics For the Car

Guest Poster

Guest Poster

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Guest Poster

The Top Ten Electronics For the Car | 40Tech

40Tech is pleased to present a guest post from Patricia.

There is a near infinite amount of electronic gadgets available for cars. Some are wacky and unnecessary, and some are truly innovative and useful. Here are ten electronic gadgets that will make life easier for any driver.

10. Interlock breathalyzer

For those who worry about drunk drivers, this device is a true lifesaver. It prevents a car from being turned on until the breathalyzer registers that the driver is not drunk.

9. Portable electronic air compressor

It’s a good idea to keep one of these in the trunk in case of a flat. They plug into the cigarette lighter and can save the day and allow you to make it to help in an emergency.

8. Engine light code reader

That nasty engine light can mean something serious or simply that the gas cap is loose. Rather than taking the car to a mechanic and paying big bucks to find out, check why the light is on yourself with one of these handy gadgets.

7. Radar detector

Not just for maniacal speeders, they help safe drivers avoid unfair speed traps in which speed limits drop abruptly with no warning signs. They are also a great help for those drivers who tend to lose track of how fast they are going.

6. Side mirror blinkers

These blinkers are a lifesaver for the driver that is changing lanes without noticing another vehicle in his blind spot. It allows other drivers to see the blinker without actually having to be behind the car.

5. Back-up camera

These not only help with avoiding other cars, they are great for detecting small children, animals, or other objects that the rear view mirror is not in a position to show.

4. In-car DVD player

For long trips, these are a great way to keep both kids and adults entertained. They also help keep parents focused on driving instead of dealing with tired and cranky kids.

3. A Hands-Free Kit

A kit that allows cell phone use without physically answering the phone is not only a convenience, but an important safety consideration. It allows the driver to keep hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

2. GPS

Even though many phones and computers now have GPS in them, having a unit in the car is much more convenient. They prevent the headache and frustration of getting lost and are vital when driving in unfamiliar areas.

1. Car alarm

Nothing is so vital to a car as that which keeps it your possession. While most cars these days have electronic locks, there is still no substitute for a true car alarm. If your car is often parked in a crime-ridden area, a car alarm is essential.

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