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13 Essential Phone and iPad Apps to Help You Stay Sane During Your Move

Guest Poster

40Tech is pleased to present this guest post by Jennifer Morehead from Moveboxer.

Moving is a tough and stressful process. You need to coordinate your things, throw items away, hire movers, switch off your utilities, and make sure everything is ready to go in your new home. It’s not easy.

We wanted to put together a list of smart phone and iPad apps that take at least some of the sting away from the stress of moving. After all, these smart phone apps seems to be able to do anything, so it’s about time that they started to help with the moving process.


Favorite Apps for Preparing to Move

When you are getting ready to move, it is important to have a moving checklist that helps guide everything and give you an idea of your timing and when to do what. You can use a couple of different apps to help you with this moving checklist. Moving List and Moving Planner will provide checklists to get you ready for moving day. Another cool app, Moving Van, helps you identify and keep track of the contents in every box you pack for moving or storage.

Travel Time Apps for Moving Day

As you get ready for moving day and the travel that will happen as you are driving around in your rented moving truck or following the moving vans to your new home, you want to be armed with apps that will help make traveling easier. Check out Around Me to locate the nearest grocery store, bank, gas station, or make a hotel or dinner reservation. You can also use Gas Buddy to find the cheapest gas prices as you are driving. And if you get lost or need quick weather information, check out Google Maps and the Weather Channel app for up-to-the-minute information.

Apps for Planning For Your New Home

You are not only packing up your old home with a move, but you are also organizing, planning, and decorating your new home. You can sketch ideas, projects, and inspirations in SketchBook Pro on your iPad. When you are ready to start thinking of where to place which items in what new room in your home, you can use the Home Design DIY Space Planning Tool to input room dimensions, create floor plans, and make shopping lists. And as you are planning the colors for your new home you can use the Benjamin Moore Color Capture app to snap a picture and match it with their paint colors.

Games and Relaxation Apps For the Entire Move Process

A smart phone is great for kicking back and having some fun and relaxing for a little bit. And what better way to use your smart phone than when you are in the passenger seat of the car driving across the country or waiting to pick up your rental moving truck. If you haven’t tried these already, check out the Scrabble-like game Words with Friends or the fun word game Wurdle. We guarantee these apps will help you pass the time. You can also try Ambiance, which lets you select from more than 2,500 soothing noises to help you get to sleep in your hotel room or your new home.


We hope these smart phone and iPad apps comes in handy for your next move. Good luck as you get settled into your new home.


Jennifer Morehead Bio: Jennifer Morehead is the CEO and founder of Moveboxer, a website that gives people up to 3 reputable movers, storage, and boxes. Before launching Moveboxer, Ms. Morehead’s career was in media sales. Ms. Morehead graduated from Northwestern University and received her MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.