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6 Cool Interactive Google Doodles

interactive google doodles.jpeg

By now, you’ve probably seen some of the cool Google Doodles – those logos at the top of the Google search page that replace the standard Google logo from time to time. Those logos stick around for a day or so, and then are seemingly lost forever. Except they aren’t. You can find a complete list of Google logos on the Google logo archive page. The archive page has one shortcoming, though. Some Google logos were interactive, and on the archive page they are presented as static images, with no way to use the interactive elements. With a bit of digging (i.e. Google searching), though, you can locate some of the interactive logos. Here are six of them.


1. The World’s Fair

worlds fair.jpeg

To commemorate the 160th anniversary of the first World’s Fair, Google rolled out this logo. Your cursor turns into a magnificying glass, allowing you to see items in the logo that you otherwise can’t, such as a spinning woman, and birds in the tree.


2. Jules Verne


Appealing to the inner geek in all of us, the Jules Verne logo allows you to control Captain Nemo’s submarine, Nautilus. You look out the portholes, and pull and move a lever to ascend, descend, and move left and right.


3. Pac-Man


If you’re over 40, you remember Pac-Man. The Google Pac-Man logo doubles as a mini version of game, allowing you to use your keyboard to control Pac-Man. This Google logo was originally created for the game’s 30th anniversary on May 22, 2010.


4. Les Paul


The Les Paul interactive logo, to celebrate Les Paul’s 96th birthday, lets you play the guitar by moving your cursor over the cords.


5. Particles

Mozilla Firefox1.png

The Google particle logo is a tease of sorts. Move your cursor over the Google logo, and particle balls dodge around the cursor, never to be touched.


6. Buckyball


The Buckyball logo is another logo that lets you use your cursor. Move your cursor to spin the ball in different directions.


Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.