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I love Toodledo. Ever since I crowned it my task manager of choice over a year ago, it has remained as one of the main tools in my productivity arsenal. Read our prior review for a look at why it stands as such a strong task management app for geeks. One shortcoming of Toodledo, and a factor that keeps many people from using it, is the user interface. To put it bluntly, it’s ugly. But it doesn’t have to be. With very little effort, you can turn Toodledo into a visually appealing productivity tool.

JULY 26, 2011 IMPORTANT UPDATE: On July 26, Toodledo debuted a completely new (and much better) user interface. The user style that I was using isn’t compatible with the new user interface. I suspect this may be true with other user styles, until they are updated. So, if you try out a user style and find that Toodledo no longer displays properly, that is why.

Toodledo works well with user styles, and a community has grown around these styles. User styles allow you to change the way that a website looks, giving web apps like Toodledo the ability to look completely different.

An entire section of the User Styles repository is dedicated to Toodeldo User Styles. Installing a user style works differently in different browsers. I’ve installed and tried out a few user styles using Google Chrome, and all that I needed to do was click the “install as user script” link, and restart my browser. Ever since, whenever I visit Toodledo, I see the new style (I’m using the Toodledo Things style, which is inspired by the Things app for Mac).

You can also turn Toodledo into a standalone, visually appealing app, using user styles. This requires you to use either Fluid on the Mac, or Chrome’s ability to turn web pages into standalone apps on Windows (Tools > Create application shortcuts). The Chrome method on Windows is pretty straightforward. With Fluid, check out the nonimage site, which has prepackaged Toodledo together with Fluid, and contains step-by-step instructions for getting started. To get the styles to work on my Mac, I needed to make sure that I went to the “Manage Userscripts” menu item in Fluid (look for the dropdown menu under the symbol that looks like a scroll of paper), and, next to the entry for each style, add the following:****


Are you using Toodledo? Have you customized it in any way?