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Find Google+ Users By Occupation, Location, Popularity, and More

Find People on Plus.jpeg

Are you on Google+ by now? If not, head on over to our invitations post, and request an invitation. While Google+ puts Facebook to shame in many areas, one feature that it lacks is a tool to search users. You can hack together some attempts to search Google profiles, but that’s about it. At least one site is attempting to fill the void. Find People on Plus is a site geared towards- you guessed it- finding people on Google+.

Find People on Plus isn’t an official Google site, but offers a few search parameters to locate people to follow. You can search by name, profession, location, relationship status, gender, “looking for” status, number of followers, and more. The site also has easy sidebar links to lists of people in each category with the most followers.

The site seems to be pulling text from Google profiles, so it isn’t smart about its searches. For example, if you perform a search for “Reading, PA,” you’ll get search results that include other towns with the name of Reading, and even profiles that contain the word “read” or “reading” in them. Still, the site can be useful in finding people to follow.

Are you on Google+ yet? How have you been locating people to follow?