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MRI Scan of the Brain Shows That Apple Fandom Really Is Like a Religion

apple mri scan

Perhaps this one should be filed under “cool headline, but what is the whole story?” According to TUAW, a documentary on BBC 3 compares the similarities between Apple and a religion. A team of neuroscientists took an MRI scan of the brain of an Apple fanatic, and determined that “Apple was actually stimulating the same parts of the brain as religious imagery does in people in faith.”

The documentary, aired on May 18, was about the relationship between consumers and the brands that shape their behavior. Unfortunately, the documentary is not available in my region. Has anyone seen it, who can give us a more full report? I’d be curious to learn whether this reaction to stimulation was unique to Apple, or a reaction that everyone has to favorite brands or positive experiences. If the former, perhaps Apple fans are brainwashed masses after all. (And before you get up in arms over that statement, I count myself among them, given my total dedication to my MacBook Air).

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