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Is your PC’s desktop or downloads folder cluttered with files? If so, and you’re feeling overwhelmed with the thought of getting your system organized, check out DropIt. DropIt is a free program that creates a big icon on your desktop, that can be thought of as a drop zone. When you drop a file onto the icon, actions will be performed on it depending on how you’ve configured DropIt. DropIt can help you quickly move files to the proper place on your PC, without having to manually select a folder for each file.

The filters that you can set up with DropIt are fairly basic, so you would be better off with something like Belvedere on Windows or Hazel on the Mac if you want advanced features for PC organization and cleaning. With DropIt, you can filter a file based on name or file type. For each such file, you can preset DropIt for one of the following options: Move, Copy, Compress, Extract, Open With, Delete, Exclude.

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DropIt doesn’t seem to be intended to be a comprehensive organization utility, but does seem ideal for quickly going through your desktop or other folders, and moving files to preset locations. For example, you could quickly go through your desktop, and drop all of your image, video, and audio files onto your DropIt drop zone, and have them moved to your picture, video, or music folders, without taking the time to place each file in the proper location.

Do you have any apps that you use to organize your system? Let us know in the comments.

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