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Learn the Basics of Programming, Interactively In Your Browser

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Do you wish you knew how to program? I sure do. Even though I had a programming class or two in college, I know only enough to muddle through some code to get a rough idea about what is happening. When I’ve looked into learning how to program, I’ve seen only boring tutorials in print or online. Until now. Try Ruby is an online interactive tutorial, based on Ruby, that walks you through some of the basics of programming in Ruby.

Try Ruby works in your web browser, and presents you with a command line Ruby interpreter in the top part of the page, with instructions in the bottom part of the page. It holds your hand, telling you exactly what to type, and then, after the code is compiled, it tells you what just happened, often with a humorous slant.

try ruby

You aren’t going to become a master programmer with Try Ruby alone, but it might inspire you to learn more elsewhere. What tools have you used to learn how to program?

Try Ruby [via Webmaster-Source]