Send to Kindle extension for Chrome

While the iPad has all the bells and whistles, I actually prefer reading on my Kindle instead of on my iPad. If you feel the same, and wish that there were a way to send individual web articles to your Kindle, check out the Send to Kindle extension for Google’s Chrome browser.

The extension works beautifully. After you install it, it will present you with instructions for setting it up, which include going to your Kindle settings page on and authorizing an email address, and also inputting your Kindle email address into the extension’s settings.

Send to Kindle instructions

You will then have an orange button in your toolbar. Click it when you are on a page that you want to send to your Kindle, and you will be presented with a formatted version of the page. Similar to Readability and other tools, this version of the page strips out ads and other extraneous material. On the right side of the formatted page, you’ll find a “Send” and a “Send Later” button.

The “Send” button sends an article to your Kindle instantly. The “Send Later” button is a bit less clear. The extension’s page indicates that this button allows you to send multiple pages as one package. However, you can also click the extension’s button when on a blank page, and you’ll be presented with a list of pages that you previously saved with the “Send Later” button.

Other options with the extension include the ability to turn on one-click sending, and the ability to set hotkeys. You also can send only select portions of a page, by highlighting the portion of the article that you want to send.

Do you prefer reading articles on your Kindle enough to use an extension like this?

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