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Photos: International Space Station with a Lunar and Solar Backdrop

International Space Station with a Lunar, Solar Backdrop | 40Tech

Hall of Fame French astrophotographer, Thierry Legault, is obviously a man who is big on planning. If not, it is highly unlikely that he would have been in just the right place, at just he right time to take photographs of the International Space Station as it passed across the faces of the sun and the moon.

The images below both had an action window of less than one second, and though obviously tiny in comparison to the heavenly bodies, the International Space Station comes across incredibly clearly. The one of the sun is particularly interesting, as it takes place during a partial solar eclipse, and the space station shares the spotlight with a small black dot in the lower right corner of the sun — that is actually a sun spot that is larger than our entire planet.

Photo of International Space Station as it Passes Across the Moon | Thierry Legault

Photo of International Space Station as it Passes Across the Sun During Partial Solar Eclipse | Thierry Legault

If you are into what’s really going on in the sky, you should check out Thierry Legault’s website. It’s a terrible site, in point of fact, but the photographic content on it is amazing!

Amazingly well-timed photos of ISS silhouetted against moon, sun [Make]

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