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Measuring Our Happiness With Twitter

measuring mood with Twitter

People use Twitter to connect with others, to publicize projects, and to catch up on news.  Now, a group of researchers have used Twitter to measure the mood of the United States.  As discussed on Business Insider, researchers from Harvard and Northwestern tracked three years of tweets to gauge the mood of the U.S. on a minute by minute basis.  The results are interesting, but not surprising.

According to the study, people are the happiest in the early morning and in the late evening, and on Sunday mornings.  They’re the least happy on Thursday afternoons.  Also, people on the west coast are significantly happier than folks on the east coast.

The study was based upon 300 million tweets from September of 2006 through August of 2009.  The mood of each tweet was inferred using ANEW word list.

Here is a YouTube video depicting the U.S. mood throughout the day:

For a more thorough breakdown, hit the link below.  What’s next?  Can we expect researchers to have more fun with this, such as correlating the results with political leanings, weather, the success of sports teams, and more?  Or is a study like this a waste of time?

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