If you’re like me, you let your computer – and particularly your PC’s desktop – become a complete mess before you dive in to tidy it up.  One way to speed up the cleaning process is by filing away all that mess.  If you want a fast way to dump files into predetermined folders, take a look at FileMenu.  FileMenu is simple in concept, but it is like the Swiss Army Knife of file management.

FileMenu allows you to customize the context menu (i.e. the right-click menu) of Windows.  If cleaning up is your primary goal, there are a couple of ways in which FileMenu is most useful.  The simplest way is use to right click on files, and send them right to a folder via the context menu.  You can also use FileMenu’s file filter feature to move a group of files that fit a certain parameter.  For example, you can use the filter to move any file with the word “*forty*” in its name into a folder of your choosing.

FileMenu context menu

FileMenu has other features as well, such as an advanced file renamer, a file splitter, and a file shredder.  For a full list of features, check out the FileMenu website.

FileMenu [via How-To Geek]