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Are You Reading E-Books Yet? You Will Be.

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The Association of American Publishers has released some startling statistics, showing the hockey stick growth of e-book sales.  E-book sales for the period of January through August 2010 totaled $263 million, compared with $89.8 million for the same period last year.  That’s an increase of 193%.  By comparison, total book sales (presumably print and electronic) tracked by the AAP were up 3.4 percent from the prior year.  E-books now comprise 9.03% of total book sales, compared with 3.31% last year.

It’s pretty easy to speculate as to two of the reasons for this dramatic growth of electronic book sales: the success of the iPad, and the maturation and low price of the Kindle.  It isn’t too difficult to imagine a world in which e-books eventually eclipse their dead tree brethren.

Many people still prefer holding a physical book in their hands, however, and some people like to collect books.  Could you see yourself making the switch to e-books?  Or are you already there?

AAP Reports Publisher Book Sales for August [via ReadWroteWeb]

Photo by John Blyberg