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Now You Can Reshare Posts On Google Buzz

Bobby Travis

 Now You Can Reshare Posts On Google Buzz | 40Tech

For those of you who are still interested in Google Buzz, or at least think it’s a good idea that’s still in progress, late last month the always busy bees over at Google released the 16th feature update (in as many weeks) to the Google Buzz platform: the Reshare button. The ability to re-share a post from someone you follow, thereby easily spreading the information to your own network has been a much-requested feature from users since the launch of Google Buzz — and they made it very easy and surprisingly effective.


Re-sharing content on Google Buzz is as simple as finding a post that interests you, then clicking on the Reshare button, located between Like and Email on the bottom of a Buzz post. When you Reshare, you are doing more than just posting a link, you are posting the entire post, complete with ability to preface it with your own comments. This allows you and your followers to start your own conversation around the topic you’ve just shared. If you want to, you can also share the topic privately, for a more intimate conversation with people or groups that you have set up within Google Buzz. That last is great for both business and personal discussions!

Resharing a post on Google Buzz is Easy | 40Tech

Credit is given where credit is due in Buzz’s Reshare. When you Reshare someone’s post, a link to the original post and another link to the original author is posted right up at the top (complete with their tiny picture), and there is a log kept at the bottom of the original post of how many (and who) publicly Reshared the item. To take it a bit deeper, if someone Reshares a Reshared post (publicly), the additional sharing and sharer are also updated on the pristine original post.

Credit is given to the original poster with any Google Buzz Reshare | 40Tech

This new feature is bound to help Buzz gain a bit of its slowed momentum back, as it makes it much easier to spread Buzz content about and converse on it. Spread Buzz content around Buzz, anyway. Once Google Buzz and A few other majors start implementing Salmon Protocol for inter-system sharing and conversing, it may help improve their comeback speed some.

What do you think of the Reshare feature in Google Buzz? Will it increase your Buzz usage?