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How Social (Media) Are You?

Bobby Travis

I heart social media | How Social Media are You? | 40Tech With the multitude of social media platforms out there (some big, some huge, some alternative), and the advent and subsequent takeover of social sharing, it is a pretty good bet that anyone of you reading this article has subscribed to or tried out a few of them (Facebook, at the very least). But how truly social are you online?

Here’s a test:




Did you know:

  • By 2010 Gen Y will outnumber Baby Boomers….96% of them have joined a social network
  • Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the Web
  • 1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S. last year met via social media


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The folks at want to know how addicted you are to social media — they even created a fun little quiz to help you find out, and give you a cute little badge to display to all of your social networking friends.Here’s mine:

Search and Social Media Experts Quiz | Social Media Addiction

This quiz was provided by – Search & Social – Media Experts But what does this mean, exactly? Am I really so involved that it is creeping up and taking over my life? Well, to be honest, in some ways yes — but in many ways, no. I use social media personally and for business, am connected to many sites that I just tried out, as well as connected to many people via the sites that I use the most (Facebook, Twitter, Twitter again, Friendfeed, LinkedIn, and various social tools that work with the above, including this blog). I even have friends that I met online via social gaming and have never met in person (Evan, here at 40Tech being one of them) — but by no means am I so actively engaged in social media that I would die if it ended tomorrow. I might have to rethink my business and career choices, but I am not actually any more or less social than I was before social media.

I am still essentially a solitary, introspective person that really just prefers to spend time at home with my family. For me, social media is a platform to learn about new things and express myself, occasionally meeting and developing a friendship with people of similar interests along the way. It has helped me to reconnect with people from my past, certainly, but we don’t tend to talk, meet up or hang out, we just comment on each others published exploits and interests. Perhaps that is a good justification of that 42%, after all.

How about you? Do you live and breath social media? Has it made you more or less social? Let us know in the comments.