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Social Follow: All Social Networks in One Highly Configurable Button

Bobby Travis

Social Follow Earlier this week, we covered a tool that helps you increase the followers of your blog. Now let’s look at it from another angle: What about increasing the followers of -you-? If you think about it, you are a probably member of a score or three social networks by now, many of which attract different follower types; so what about a tool that allows users to follow you on the social network of their choice — and all with just one easy button? Now wouldn’t -that- be swell? Social Follow will do just that. Think of it as a sort of AddThis… but just for you.


Easy to Use and Robust as All Hockeysticks

It’s a pretty simple affair, really. You just sign up (to yet another social profile, of course) and then start creating your button. Buttons have four different styles, in a grey/white and shiny black, and can either show off your top 3 networks of choice alongside a prominent Follow Me, or can be created with different stages of minimalism, depending on your taste. You have 166 social networks you can add to this thing. That’s right… one hundred and sixty-six (from Facebook to Twitter to Zoomr and Xbox)– and you can add as many custom RSS feed buttons as your little heart desires. You can organize them however you want — you can even do it in English, French, Spanish and Chinese.


Manage Multiple Button-sets, Take Them Anywhere

Before anyone panics at the thought of all of these little buttons cluttering up your valuable pagespace, let me just reiterate: this is just a simple and unobtrusive button — a tiny piece of javascript — that people hover over. It works exactly like the AddThis and ShareThis and other __This button sets and opens up and iframe when activated. It’s in the iframe that you can dazzle the world with your social media prowess. If you are a bit more discerning, however, and want to focus your networks based on who will see the sites you place the button on (this l’il bit of javascript is pretty portable, remember), you can create multiple buttons, all configured to your heart’s content : one for your business networks, one for your play, one for all of them — pick your poison.


Definitely Worth Trying

Social Follow is a great little tool for broadening your reach, developing your personal brand, or just plain meeting people and sharing stuff. Hell, people can even follow you on Social Follow — I suggest you give it a try. It’s free.

What do you think of Social Follow? Let us know in the comments.