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The Top 10 40Tech Stories of 2009

Top 10 stories of 2009 If you’re like me, you like lists.  And if you’re like me, you like year-end lists.  In that spirit, as we close out 2009, let’s look at the 10 most popular stories this year here at 40Tech.  We’re going to define "most popular" as those stories with the most page views.  The page view count represents the total number of times a page was viewed, whether by different people or not.  At the end of this post, we’ll look at the most popular posts on the site based on other barometers.  These statistics are as of December 21, 2009.

 Photo by sam_churchill.


1.  Getting Things Done (GTD) in Evernote with Only One Notebook (4742 page views)

We take a look at how to use Evernote as a GTD system.


2.  5 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 7 (4209 page views)

A look at five of the nice features of Windows 7, that might entice you to make the switch.


3.  7 Tips for a Smooth Upgrade From XP to Windows 7 (3660 page views)

Bobby gives some suggestions to make your move from XP to Windows 7 a bit smoother.


4.  Password Manager Shootout – eWallet vs. KeePass vs. LastPass (3338 page views)

A comparison of 3 password managers, and the start of our love affair with LastPass.


5.  Be a (HTC) Hero — Android-ilize your Windows Mobile Phone with PointSense (2158 page views)

We look at a great third-party user interface for Windows Mobile.


6.  5 Needed Improvements in Windows 7 (2079 page views)

Shortly after listing 5 great features of Windows 7, we looked at 5 ways to improve the OS.


7.  10 Ways to Unclutter Your Mind using Evernote (2049 page views)

In one of our earliest posts about Evernote, we explain several different ways to use the service.


8.  10 Firefox Extensions to Die For (1951 page views)

A list of 10 great Firefox extensions.


9.  An Early Peak at Evernote’s Next Windows Version (1796 page views)

We take a look at the alpha version of Evernote 3.5, which has since entered beta status.


10.  How to Secure Evernote on a Shared Computer (1165 page views)

A look at how to lock down Evernote.  We’ve since updated this post.



Here were some other popular posts, based on other criteria:


Post with the most unique page views:

5 Needed Improvements in Windows 7 (3606 unique page views)


Post with the lowest bounce rate:

4 Steps for a Comprehensive Backup Solution (13.21% bounce rate)


Post with the most comments:

Blog Comment System Shootout: Disqus vs. Intense Debate vs. JS-Kit Echo (30 Comments)



 Are you a regular visitor?  Did you have a favorite post this year?