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7 Creative Uses of Evernote on the iPhone

evernoteiphone One of the benefits of Evernote is that you can use it almost anywhere, thanks to the multiple platforms on which it is available.  Over in the official Evernote forums, a new topic has just started brewing that discusses creative uses of Evernote on mobile devices.  Inspired by that thread, here are seven creative uses of Evernote on the iPhone.  Really, most of these ideas could be implemented using any mobile device with web access, but I’ve only tested these on the iPhone.  These are either my own ideas, or were inspired by elsewhere, such as the aforementioned post in the Evernote forums.  For more ideas on how to use Evernote (including some ways to use Evernote on the iPhone), check out our earlier article, 10 Ways to Unclutter Your Mind using Evernote.  In the comments, let us know how you use Evernote on your mobile device.


1. Photo syncing

Unlike with Windows mobile devices, you can’t easily retrieve the photos on your iPhone from any computer.  iPhone users have taken to using other methods to retrieve their photos (email, MobileMe, etc.) when away from the computer on which they’ve installed iTunes.  Evernote is one such method.  In the Evernote iPhone app, simply select “Camera Roll,” browse to the photo, and select it.  In moments, it will be synced to your Evernote account, allowing you to access it from just about anywhere.


2. Keep a cheat sheet

If you’re like me, you have important information that you sometimes need at your fingertips.  Maybe you’re heading out to a party or business dinner, and need to remember the names of spouses or children of your business contacts.  Or perhaps you’re a lawyer, and there are a couple of legal doctrines that you can’t keep straight.  Evernote is ideal for this.  I create notes with this information, and then mark them as Favorites.  This makes them easily accessible in the Evernote iPhone app.


3. Store your travel itinerary

Evernote is a great tool for keeping your travel information handy.  This past Monday was a good example of that.  I was lucky enough to travel down to Philadelphia to attend Game 4 of the NLCS between the Phillies and Dodgers, a game which ended up making baseball history.  Because a Bruce Springsteen concert was taking place across the street from the ballpark that night as well, I drove to a subway station well north of the stadium complex, and took the subway to the ballpark, avoiding traffic.  Before leaving home, I clipped my travel information into Evernote, including driving directions to the subway, a local map, the subway schedule, and a subway map.  This was more of a security blanket than anything, but it was nice to be able to refer to the information to keep myself on track the entire time.  Whether it be subway information, flight information, or hotel reservation information, Evernote can keep it all handy for you.


4.  Archive and retrieve household information

We all have information we need to remember about our homes, such as what kind of air filter our HVAC unit uses, what kind of lightbulbs go in special light fixtures, what type of batteries you need for some appliances, and more.  Put that information into Evernote, and you’ll always have it available to you.


6.  Remember where you parked your car

When you enter a note using the Evernote iPhone app, that note will include your geo-location thanks to your iPhone’s GPS capabilities.  So, when you park your car, take a photo of it using Evernote.  Later, if you can’t remember where you parked, you can open the note that you took earlier, select “details”, and then select “View on Map” to see where exactly you parked.  The only feature that would make this better would be if Evernote would provide you with directions back to your car.


7. Use Evernote as your right-hand man on projects

Because it is so easy to get data into Evernote, the app is great for all those projects we all work on.  For example, my wife and I recently have been looking at houses.  Before we go out, I load Evernote up with information on prospective neighborhoods and houses, such as assessed values, addresses, and asking prices.  Then, when we’re approaching a house, I call up that information in Evernote, and am instantly up to speed.


There are many other ways to use Evernote on the go.  In our earlier article, we discussed how to remain clutter-free even after you take handwritten notes, how to keep prescription information at your fingertips, how to remember the name of that bottle of wine you enjoyed, and how to keep track of various shopping list and to-do lists.

Those are our ideas.  How are you using Evernote on the go, whether it be with an iPhone, or other device?