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5 Fantastic WordPress Plugins You May Not Know About

wordpress-logo If you’re a blogger, you know that one of the beauties of WordPress is the sheer number of available plugins.  There are the "old standbys" that many blogs use, such as WP Super Cache and All In One SEO Pack.  But are you familiar with some of the lesser-known gems?  Here are five WordPress plugins used on, that may be new to you if you have a blog.

1.  CSS Cache Buster

Do you ever tweak the layout of your site?  If you modify your site’s stylesheet, repeat visitors may not see it, due to caching issues on their end.  As this plugin’s description explains, CSS Cache Buster "does one very simple but very powerful thing: it ensures that your WordPress blog delivers the very latest version of your CSS stylesheet to your visitors, no matter how often or how rarely your edit for CSS . . .  Technically, this plugin automatically appends a last-modified date/timestamp to the end of your stylesheet url. And since this feature is applied as a filter, you don’t have to touch your theme files. It just works."


2.  WPtouch iPhone Theme


WPtouch iPhone Theme is a plugin which will may make your site display a specially formatted mobile theme to those who visit using anApple iPhone or iPod touch, Google Android phone, or other touch-based smartphone.  The screenshots below should give you an idea as to how a site looks with this plugin, although several options, such as colors and icons, are customizable.

WPtouch iPhone Theme WPtouch iPhone Theme


3.  Login Lockdown

Login Lockdown gives your site some extra security, by restricting the number of login attempts from a given IP range.  After a specified number of failed attempts, login is disabled for any further attempts from that IP range for a specified period of time.  You are able to modify the number of failed attempts permitted, the period of time over which failed attempts are tallied, and the duration of the lockdown.


4.  WP Greet Box

WP Greet Box is one way to increase the rate at which visitors return to your site.  The plugin shows a different message to your visitors depending on what sent them to your site.  For example, you can ask Google visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed, and Twitter visitors to follow you on Twitter.  More than 20 services are supported out of the box, and you have the ability to add your own services as well.WP Greet Box


5.  Role Manager

If you have multiple authors for your blog, and want to give certain authors special permissions, you’ll find that the ability to customize user permissions in WordPress is limited.  As noted in the WordPress Codex, WordPress "comes delivered ‘standard’ with five pre-defined Roles: Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber. Each Role is allowed to perform a set of tasks called Capabilities."  These capabilities are predefined, and can’t be changed.  This plugin allows you to change the capabilities of these standard roles, and also add new ones.  For example, you could give a "Contributor" some but not all of the capabilities that an Editor possesses, such as the ability to Publish Posts but not the ability to Publish Pages.


What lesser-known plugins do you use on your WordPress site?