Springpad Clipper for iOS and an Evernote eBook

Springpad Clipper for iOS and an Evernote eBook | 40Tech

Heads up folks! Great things are happening surrounding two of your favourite apps: Springpad and Evernote. Firstly, Springpad is doing something that has been long-awaited and needed — namely, adding a web clipper that is optimized just for Mobile Safari. They’ve also caught up with Android by finally giving us iPhone and iPad users a Quick Add button for the home screen.

More importantly though — and this is no slight to the awesome Springpad, but credit where credit is both due and needed — my friend and one of our most informative and helpful commenters, Daniel Gold, has just released his first eBook [affiliate link]! It’s about Evernote, it’s about GTD in Evernote, it looks awesome — and it’s only $5 bucks!

I will be testing out the new Springpad awesome for a full report next week, and will also read and review Daniel’s Evernote eBook. I’m already a bit biased in its favour, because I’m familiar with Daniel’s work on his blog and his many awesome comments here (where I met the man). In fact, he has been a major contributor in both inspiration and expertise to several of my posts on this blog. Nonetheless, I’ll be as narrow-eyed and judgemental as any good reviewer should be… :P

Stay tuned for more next Wednesday night!

Bobby Travis

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  1. I assume you and Daniel had a group hug, or at least hi-fived? I sensed your excitement. lol

    I look forward to your review

  2. Good to know. thank you and have a great week :)

  3. Bobby – thanks again for getting the word out there and I can’t wait to read your full review!!! You’re awesome, Bobby … And what’s wrong with hugs?? :). Everyone needs to be hugged!! :)

  4. Wednesday night is over, isn’t it? ;)

    • LOL. Last time I checked it was Thursday today! ;-)

      • Hey funny guys — Wednesday night is when I start my weekly post run. The reviews were trumped by some “awesomer” Google+ news that had just dropped. In appreciate you checking back, though! The Springpad clipper review will be up in the wee hours tonight if you’re EST, and the Evernote ebook review around the same the following night.

        Cheers! :D

  5. Thanks for the update. I’m very excited about the Evernote ebook review :)

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