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Producteev Wants To Be Your Virtual Assistant

Producteev Task Manager Wants to Be Your Virtual Assistant | 40Tech

Just last week, Producteev announced on their Posterous blog that their software now has the power to act as a virtual assistant, of sorts. In June, we introduced Producteev to you as an organic task manager that does its best to apply itself to your current workflow, as opposed to forcing you to adopt a new one. That was only two months ago and the ambitious developers over at Producteev HQ have been steadily pushing out improvements and new features. 

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Producteev 2 Stands Task Management On Its Ear With A Fast, Easy, Cross-Platform Solution

Producteev 2 Task Management is a Fast, Easy Cross Platform Solution | 40Tech

Some have you may have noticed our minor obsession with productivity applications here at 40Tech — particularly with task management apps. In the past, we have written on GTD in Evernote, Action Method Online, reQall, Dial2Do, ToodleDo vs Remember the Milk, and more. We also briefly made mention of Producteev, then a promising but still incomplete service focused on cross-platform task management and communication. Now Producteev is back and swinging out hard with Producteev 2, promising one of the best personal and business task management apps to hit the web. Producteev's goal is to enable you to work with their task management system without requiring you to make major adjustments to your current workflow. Producteev 2 is powerful,highly flexible, and free for individuals.

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