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Tag: Mac

Speed Up Your Workflow With Trackpad Gestures [Mac laptops]

macbook multitouch trackpad gesture list

Coming from Windows, I am accustomed to doing only the basics with my laptop’s trackpad – dragging my finger around to navigate, and clicking on links and other items. With the trackpad on Mac laptops, though, you can do much more. Here is a list of a few of the maneuvers you can perform with a trackpad on a newer Mac.

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Sparrow – Finally a Desktop Email Client That Nails Gmail (But Only On the Mac, Dangit)

Last week we conducted a survey,¬†asking you whether you preferred your apps in the cloud, or on your desktop. I’ve been a big fan of the cloud, but lately I’ve gone retro, enjoying a few desktop apps. One of the apps that has fostered my growing love of desktop apps is Sparrow, a desktop email app for Mac OS X. The beauty of Sparrow is how well it integrates with Gmail, and how fast it operates.

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How to Get a Refund From the iOS or Mac App Stores

iOS and Mac App Store refunds.jpg

Android users can get an automatic refund for a purchased app, by deleting the app from their devices within 15 minutes of purchasing it. This is a far cry from the 24 hour window that was provided to Android users until recently, but easier than the process in Apple’s iOS store. Shoppers in the iOS store can get refunds, too, albeit through a bit of a convoluted process. Read more

10 Tips for Mac OS X Beginners

After many years of being a Windows user, I’ve gone back to my roots. My first computer many years ago was an Apple IIe, and now I’m the owner of a Macbook Air (although, to be honest, it is a secondary machine for me). The transition from Windows to Mac is much like learning a new language. Here are a few tips that would have made my transition easier had I know them from the start. Hopefully, they will help some of you who are also making the switch. Read more